Think of your favorite song or band. Now consider how you were first introduced. It was probably someone close to you who knows you, cares about you and wanted to share something great. As music transitioned from being physical to digital, somewhere along the way, the art of discovery was lost and music became commoditized. But music is life, music is emotion, music is essential, and  — most importantly — music is an empathy machine, one capable of breaking through barriers and forging bonds between creators and individuals.

The Moodagent experience is one of interactivity, dynamic discovery, and emotional connection with both music and other listeners who share a passion for music as conversation. We are a premium-only service because music has value, and that’s something crucial for us to preserve. 

Moodagent is built by and for music enthusiasts. We celebrate music as an important piece of our culture, its impact on our lives and the sense of community it fosters. At Moodagent, we blend our longstanding AI technology with the best of you, creating the most personalized music streaming experience out there. Moodagent is redefining what it means to discover, listen to and share music.