About Moodagent

At Moodagent we believe there's more to music. And that it’s yours to discover. So allow us to just get out of the way and let you do your thing: Listening.

Here’s how we’re able to do that.

The simple explanation is that we built a listening machine. An extremely curious, unfathomably knowledgeable machine (or machine learning process, to be precise) who’s only desire in life is to truly understand music. To get to the very source of the magic of music, if you will. The more it learns, the more it can tell us, the more precise and relevant our recommendations to you – making music discovery more personal and intuitive than ever before.

But of course it didn’t start with a revolutionary music discovery app. It started with two people and an idea.

Moodagent was founded on a desire to improve the music discovery experience, expose listeners to more music, and artists to new fans. Without naming names – we’re classy like that – we saw that other music services were limiting themselves to a cluster of static playlists, plus some statistical options to suggest more of what's already being listened to. We had higher ambitions: Playlists that feel personal to you, playlists you can interact with emotionally, and that adapt to your taste and mood, as well as the changes to the catalogue. So we came up with the idea of the interactive playlist – the moodagent.

And that’s how man met machine (learning).

We constructed the ideal music data model capable of expressing all of the essential music characteristics – and then built an intelligent, flexible system around it. Our team of expert musicologists continued to perfect this secret recipe (and they still do), while teaching a machine learning system to recognize and apply these (patented) processes on a much bigger scale. Many years (and versions) later, we had a solution that worked for, literally, every piece of music. We first introduced this technology to millions of Nokia users (yeah, this a while ago), and even played around with some of the early streaming platforms.

But this is next level.

As a standalone, fully-featured, premium-only music streaming service, Moodagent is now able to do what we set out to do: To finally make music personal again. The exploration. The listening. The sharing. The magic of music and the empathy it creates. It’s all yours to discover.