The objective of this Policy is to provide you with information about which cookies we use. Cookies are used to improve your experience of our website.

A cookie is a small piece of data sent from our webpage and stored in your web browser, mobile phone, or other device while you browse that webpage. However, we only store the cookies if you have given us consent, save for cookies that provide us with information about your cookie consent. A cookie can help the webpage provider to recognize your device the next time you visit that webpage, provide you with access to certain functions on the webpage and/or register your surf patterns. There are other technologies such as pixel, tags, web beacons, local storage and other similar files and technologies that may carry the same functions as cookies. In this cookie policy, we use the term “cookies” for cookies and all such similar technologies.

Cookies are classified in different categories depending on its usage. Definitions of the different usage are below.



Mandatory cookies help make our website usable by enabling basic functions like page navigation and access to secure areas of the website. Our website cannot function properly without these cookies.

We use analytics cookies to analyze how the webpage is accessed, used or is performing. We use the information to maintain, operate and improve the webpage. 


We use functional cookies to operate certain functions of the webpage in accordance with your choices, meaning that when you continue to use or come back to the webpage, the site will be displayed as you have previously requested, for example remembering your username and customization of the webpage.


We use security cookies to identify and avoid any security risks.


We use cookies to show you relevant advertising on other websites. The cookies track details about our advertising.

Third party:

We may allow our partners to use cookies on the webpage for the same purposes identified above. We may also use service providers acting on our behalf to use cookies for the purposes identified above.

A cookie can be either permanent or a session cookie.

Permanent Cookies are stored on you Device and makes it possible for us to recognize your Device the next time you visit our webpage. We use this type of cookie to improve your experience. Session Cookies are stored on your Device and are related to your current visit to our webpage and will be deleted when you close your browser, application or other software program you used to visit our webpage.

Cookies in use on

Name: Google Tag Manager

Type: Analytic
Domain: First party cookie
Purpose: To distinguish you from other users of our webpage

Name: Facebook Pixel

Type: Advertising
Domain: Third party cookie
Purpose: To show you relevant advertising on Facebook and Facebook controlled sites

LinkedIn Insight

Type: Advertising
Domain: Third party cookie
Purpose: To show you relevant advertising on LinkedIn and LinkedIn controlled sites

Name: Vuid – Vimeo

Type: Analytic
Domain: Third party cookie
Purpose: Collects data on the user's visits to the website, such as which pages have been read.

Managing cookies

Most web browsers allow you to manage your cookie preferences. You can set your browser to refuse cookies or delete certain cookies. In general, you should also be able to manage similar technologies by using your browser’s preferences. Please note that we always store a cookie on your device to remember whether you allowed cookies or not, and another that enables you to play videos on our webpage. If you want to be totally free from cookies, you will need to set up your browser not to accept cookies.

Please notice that if you don’t allow cookies to be stored on your device, the experience of our webpage might not be optimal and there might be functions you cannot use. 

If you have any questions about our cookie policy, please contact us at

Last updated June 4th 2020

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