Perfect playlists are coming to Germany

Welcome to music streaming the way it’s meant to be.

Moodagent is not just our 50 million songs. It's a tool that empowers you to discover and create a music experience with those songs.

Moodagent’s recommendations are your starting point for super-powered, dynamic playlists. Unlike static playlists, they actually lead you to discoveries that perfectly match your mood. 

You’ll build playlists (we call them moodagents) that are better than you ever dreamed possible. Get the songs you know, and discover new songs or artists that are relevant to the music you love, or the mood you happen to be in. 

Then share what you’ve discovered with friends. Moodagent is built to help you inspire others, or be inspired by them. 

Moodagent puts the power back in your hands - and delivers amazing results.

It’s supercharged by our technology and a passion for revealing great art to new fans. We believe that a music streaming service should support artists by exposing their work to others and help them build sustainable careers. 

Your music. Our magic.
Perfect playlists every time.