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  • Interactive playlists based on your moods and taste
  • Music recommendations created by patented AI
  • Share your musical preferences with your friends
  • Ad-free listening

Moodagent Premium

99,00 kr / month

Want access to a uniquely personalized music streaming experience?

With Moodagent, you’re in control.

We blend our patented AI technology with your moods and taste to create uniquely personalized and interactive playlists – we call them moodagents. 

It’s personal

Choose any of the mood sliders – sensual, happy, tender, angry – and set the tempo. A moodagent will be built for you with songs based on your personal musical taste.

It’s interactive

Moods change so why can’t your playlist? With Moodagent, you can adjust any of the sliders at any time and watch as the playlist adapts. You can also flavor moodagents with songs or artists that you love.

It’s built for you

The recommended artists and moodagents on your home screen are handpicked just for you and chosen by our technology, never a curator.

It’s good enough to share

Share your moodagent with friends and family and let them adjust the sliders to make it their own. 

It’s all about the music 

We really, really love music. We are a premium-only service because music has value, and that’s something crucial for us to preserve. As a premium-only service, this also means that you’ll enjoy uninterrupted listening with no ads – ever!