AG Cook | Why a 49-Track Album Makes Perfect Sense

A. G. Cook: 2020's 7G

One of the prolific PC Music head's two critically-acclaimed releases last year was a spellbinding 49-track record that outdid experimental pop as we knew it.

Jun 30th 2021 by Moodagent

Photo: A. G. Cook

A. G. Cook is the spearhead of a label – that feels more like a shiny, futuristic movement – which counts Charli XCX amongst its most familiar faces. PC Music’s roster, and indeed all of Cook’s body of work, sound synesthesiac, like the vaporwave aesthetic on acid, but sober. If you can, take a moment to imagine that, by listening.

Cook is also an artist in his own right, having produced 10 smaller releases since 2014 before his staggering multi-disc LPs Apple and our favorite 7G – both in 2020. Cook’s vibe is very much along the lines of fun for days and weeks and years with only your best and most inspiring and colorful friends in a field of poppies.

Consider 7G an unadulterated foray into the wizard’s mind; hyperpop at its most alive. Each of the seven records within a record are instrument-specific. It features wild and wonderful covers of everyone from The Smashing Pumpkins to Taylor Swift and sort of defies genre. We implore you to listen for yourself.

Check out the moodagent sparked from Cook’s track '2021,’ from disc six of the 7G odyssey. For fans of Caroline Polachek and SOPHIE.

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