AG Club: For Lovers of Frank Ocean

Like Ocean, they reject the demands to be social media magnates, don’t play the game of media stunts and even have one blue alien member to keep fans perplexed.

Jun 30th 2021 by Moodagent

East Bay hip hop group AG Club (Credit: AG Club)

The 12-person strong AG Club quickly became an iconic hip hop group for the ages in 2020, taking an unlikely softer turn in 2021: that means a heady mix of hard and soft rap and singing, respectively. Their R&B/soul tendencies call to mind even a little 90s balladic BoyzIIMen, whilst their more rambunctious rhymes instantly remind one of Odd Future.


These boys from the East Bay of San Francisco really are a multi-function workforce. Their command is such that each member has their strengths: a mode as old as time (or at least as old as Wu Tang or Beastie Boys). Baby Boy acts as the lead singer and Mick Anthony sings and raps. Manny aka 777MEDIA directs all visuals whilst graphic designer Jody Fontaine raps and songwrites. This clan have certainly explored grittier ground on previous releases – which sound a little more like early A$AP and midpoint Brockhampton. Rather sweetly, a bunch of them met in Biology class.

Sonically, the crew are soaring at the same rate they are gaining natural social clout and swag, They remain true to substance over style: the rhymes are tight and the baselines are dizzying, control leads over chaos but the energy, fractious and daunting in places, is always levelled by their soulful nuance. Their approach is to make sounds that aren’t typically what they heard coming out of East Bay – but encourages artists to not follow the mould.

A certain mood

Like Ocean they reject the demands to be social media magnates and don’t play the game of media stunts, novelty facades or the plain old likes game. Like the approach of the late, great Odd Future their focus remains starkly on making work they love and rebutting genrefication. For this reason alone, they’re a moodagent win: a moodagent created from any of their tracks will surprise you with a genre spectrum of findings which you can play with and flavor according to your vibe.

Scorching off the heels of a debut EP, Halfway Off The Porch, whose lead single ‘Memphis’ (feat. NLE Choppa and A$AP Ferg) made waves with a follow up explosive remix, their 2020 debut LP’s first teaser ‘Columbia’ displayed the sing-rap combo no one quite expected, before FYE (F*CK YOUR EXPECTATIONS) dropped and soared in 2021.

One thing they do rate though, is views of their way-out videos where they play the likes of aliens and cause a ruckus all over California. Why not create a moodagent from ‘Columbia’ and see what other-worldly sounds are conjured?

Words by Alexandra Pereira

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