Remarkable Indie 2021

Do you think that the 2021 indie scene was owned by sad sacks and troubled kids? You are quite mistaken. Through the year, this particular genre was shaped by strong artists who used 90s riffs and future technologies to make us feel a lot of feels.

Nov 26th 2021 by Moodagent

Chai (Photo: Music Story)

They all have two things in common: they cannot be pigeonholed, and they are brutally honest with themselves. Many (if not most) of the records that acts such as Goat Girl, Julien Baker and Shelter Boy have given us empowering dealings with mental health and evil demons inside our heads. One thing we've learned this year is: talking about your struggles helps. Singing about them helps, too. 

There was the long-awaited debut album from Girl in Red, who sings about unrequited love and the chemical chaos in her head. There were more vigorous women like Mia Berrin aka. Pom Pom Squad and Alli Neumann, who broke free from societal constraints to claim their place in the world.

And, gee-wizz, did they make us smile! Take Django Django and PARCELS, who celebrated glamorous comebacks with their funky double albums, and Japanese indie-sweethearts CHAI who dedicated their only love song to nothing but dumplings. Strength lies in showing weaknesses and sharing them with others. 2021 was a tumultuous year of strong emotions – but a year of even stronger indie. 

Words by Madeleine Schrader

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