How Dean Blunt Is the Most Mysterious Art Popstar in Hip-Hop

Hypnagogic Pop-Hip-Hop: Dean Blunt

Mysterious yet accessible avant-garde songs for lovers of Frank Ocean, James Ferraro and Yves Tumor.

Sep 16th 2021 by Moodagent

Artwork from Dean Blunt's Troll (Photo: Dean Blunt)

Graffiti Island and Hype Williams member Dean Blunt's 2021 album Black Metal 2 is a follow up to 2014's Black Metal and may carry a slightly misleading title when it comes to describing this album's lo-fi indie, containing and exercising the electronic, the rock and the hip-hop elementals of Blunt's style.

You'll find obscure surprises and twists across Blunt's catalog, including gentle head-voice lullabies from longtime Blunt collaborator Joanne Robertson (Troll and WAHALLA) set against jarring experimental examples of lauded lo-fi and dreamlike production. Surrounding his solo projects are his earlier work with the legendary Hype Williams group and Inga Copeland (The Narcissist II) and the recent Babyfather project.

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