Mindful Orchestral: Max Richter

Soaring, complex, enduring pieces make him one of modern classical music’s most important musicians.

Sep 24th 2021 by Moodagent

Max Richter (Photo: Getty)

From lulling audiences to sleep to raising the roof of symphony halls, this composer has something to offer both the faint-hearted and the sonically-demanding in demonstratively strong measure.

Sleep was a jarring experimental concept record which saw live audiences joining the performance with sleeping bags in cavernous industrial spaces such as Kraftwerk Berlin for intended disruptive sleeping experiences. With Voices 2 he continues his dream of a more balanced world, a meditative and less imposing record, like The Blue Notebooks (feat. Tilda Swinton amongst others), that’s more suited to working or writing.

Words by Alexandra Periera.

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