One-woman Indie Chorus: U.S. Girls

An arrestingly theatrical and catchy wall of sound for fans of Julia Holter, Haim and PJ Harvey.

Sep 24th 2021 by Moodagent

Meghan Remy of U.S. Girls, artwork for Heavy Light (Photo: Jeff Bierk)

An experimental indie showstopper sounding like a girl group or an army of women: U.S. Girls have an eclectic approach which sounds totally off the wall. You can expect anything and everything from Meghan Remy, who single-handedly forms the band. Her 2020 record Heavy Light explored samba percussion, a gospel choir and spoken word confessionals on usually reverb-drenched songs with sufficient bass slapping and sweet, sweet vocals.

You might remember ‘Rosebud’ from the 10s lo-fi indie yesteryear standout In A Poem Unlimited. Remy has an unsinkable thirst for reinvention but always managed to create haunting and brilliant singalongs that are perfect for long drives or late nights. Explore her catalog on Moodagent.

Words by Alexandra Pereira.

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