Pakistani Disco-Pop: Nazia Hassan

Get to know the late 80s pop and disco sensation who sounded like Donna and ABBA.

Sep 24th 2021 by Moodagent

Nazia Hassan (Photo: Nazia Hassan)

South Eastern dance floors were taken by storm when the  high-octane tunes of Nazia Hassan hit them in the early 80s. The Desi star was often referred to as the Queen of Pop in South Asia and alongside her numerous soundtrack and chart successes, she was a prolific social activist who met an untimely death before the age of 40.

She was a trained lawyer with a place on the United Nations Security Council, but it didn’t stop the teenage Hassan from becoming one of the most all-time influential voices in SE Asia. She found fame with 'Aap Jaisa Koi,' which appeared in the Indian film Qurbani in 1980 before teaming up with brother Zoheb for multi hundred million selling records and world tours completed by the duo. Listen to her solo album Disco Deewane, which smashed best-selling Asian pop and British chart records at the time.

Words by Alexandra Pereira.

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