Personal Power-Soul-Pop: Teyana Taylor

Singer-songwriter, dancer and product of the later MTV reality TV generation, for fans of Kehlani and Beyonce.

Sep 24th 2021 by Moodagent

Teyana Taylor, artwork from The Album (Photo: Def Jam)

She started out as a TV star and somewhat protege of Yeezy, contributing vocals to My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and signing to his then-label. Her 2020 album (sassily-titled The Album) is an ode to motherhood and an all-star affair feat. the likes of Erykah Badu and Rick Ross, the artwork spectacularly Nefertiti and Grace Jones-referencing.

'Come Back to Me' samples 1975's 'Let Me Prove My Love to You,' as did Alicia Keys on 'You Don't Know My Name’ in 2003. Don’t miss the enigma that is Teyana Taylor. The album opener is startling as much as it is harrowing; a testament to Taylor’s fearless biographical nature.

Words by Alexandra Pereira.

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