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Product Update

Jun 1st 2021

Introducing a new Generation Music Streaming Service

Moodagent introduces the interactive playlist for a more personalized streaming experience. Credit: Moodagent

We all choose music based on how we feel. Everyone has their go-to for cooking, Sunday mornings or exercising, but the mood that accompanies an activity changes from day to day, situation to situation. Addressing this is the driving force behind Moodagent’s new generation, user-centric music streaming service. For Moodagent, the act of listening to music is as personal and as varied as our moods.

Founders Peter Berg Steffensen and Mikael Henderson created the service centered around the namesake concept of a moodagent: a personal music curator within the app. The patented technology combines machine learning, audio analysis, and tens of thousands of hours of human musicology. It understands music by analyzing key characteristics in songsncluding emotions, moods, genres, instruments, vocal styles and more.

“With Moodagent, you can initiate a music experience with something you like, be it a track or a mood,” says Mikael Henderson, Chief Product Officer and co-founder of Moodagent. “You can then reactivate that specific moodagent at any time and either let it play or adapt it.”

To create a personalized moodagent within the app, users adjust and combine any of the four mood sliders (sensual, tender, happy, angry) along with the tempo. The moodagent uses this set of instructions to produce an interactive playlist. The sliders can be continuously adjusted and individual tracks added or removed as you listen.

You can also simply search for an artist or a song to create a moodagent, and then use the sliders to adapt the playlist to your personal preference. Once saved, a moodagent can be activated at any time, and is shareable with others using Moodagent. When a new person activates the moodagent, they can then customize it to meet their moods and taste and share it back, creating an endless infinite, collaborative music sharing experience.

Moodagent is driven by each individual user’s behavior to determine the output on any given day and recommendations are tailored to fit the listener’s specific musical taste. It is Moodagent’s patented core technology that ensures the uniquely personalized playlist creation. “Moodagent is recreating what albums used to provide,” says Peter Berg Steffensen, Chief Innovation Officer and co-founder of Moodagent. “An order, the right tracks in the right sequence, but presented in a way that matches the mood of the listener while giving them complete control.”

To Steffensen, Moodagent is imbuing the streaming music experience with three crucial elements that were lost as a result of digitization: music discovery, the art and conceptual continuity of albums, and the fact that music is an inherently social activity. Moodagent understands and embraces the power of music to unite others via discovery and sharing.

“It’s not a one size fits all approach,” says Steffensen. “The Moodagent experience is about emotional connection with both music and other listeners who share your passion for music as conversation, not command.”

The company will be launching the full premium service soon. While the initial launch is in Denmark, the service will be available in several countries over the coming year.

About Moodagent

Moodagent is built by and for music enthusiasts. We celebrate music as an important piece of our culture, its impact on our lives and the sense of community it fosters. At Moodagent, we blend our longstanding AI technology with the best of you, creating the most personalized music streaming experience out there. Moodagent is redefining what it means to discover, listen to and share music.


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