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Our Services

We enable users to soundtrack every shade of their lives through next generation music services. Customised for partners – powered by Moodagent.

Moodagent is Different

The user is everything

Moodagent understands that one size does not fit all. Our intuitive user interface gives the listener the right music for the mood of the moment. The perfect playlist, tailored by you with the slide of a finger.

Get started

Start with a mood, a familiar favourite, or an interesting recommendation; any song or artist can create a dynamic, interactive playlist of songs that just feel right.

Adjust to suit your mood

If your mood changes while listening, simply adjust the mood sliders to always have the perfect playlist.

Add some nuance

Base your personalised playlist on more than just one song or artist. Everything you add will change the overall playlist and make it entirely unique to you.

Love. Save. Share. Repeat.

Our interactive features empower the user to find a listening experience that’s exactly right for them. And to take credit for all the amazing discoveries they can then save and share with their friends.

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Let’s talk about how Moodagent’s white label music streaming solution can level up your game. First step is for you to feel the magic of music at your fingertips with a trial version of the Moodagent platform. Please fill out the form and we’ll get right back to you.

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