Millions of songs, and nothing to listen to?

We believe that streaming music should be much more than just access to songs, which is why we built the interactive playlist — we call them moodagents. Moodagent blends patented AI technology with your moods and taste to create a uniquely personalized music streaming experience.

Get ready to take music discovery to a whole new level.

Moodagent is Personal

Choose your moods, set the tempo and sit back as your moodagent builds you an interactive playlist based on your favorite music.

Moodagent is Interactive

Adjust the sliders, flavor your moodagent with songs or artists, and watch as the playlist adapts. You’re in control.

Moodagent is Social

Good enough to share? Send your new moodagent to a friend and let them adjust it to make it their own.

Moodagent is music Music is Ours

Moodagent is made for music lovers like you

Moodagent is built by and for music enthusiasts. We celebrate music as vital to our culture, its impact on our lives and the sense of community it fosters. Moodagent is redefining what it means to discover, listen to and share music.

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